Faith and a creative life

My faith is important to me.

It flies into my art studio like a bird, landing on my shoulder and whispering truth in my ear.

It grounds my vida loca as a photographer, writer, mother and wife…and it also grounds my creative endeavors. Somehow making art (whether it’s in Photoshop or in my art studio with paper and paint) has become prayer time.

God’s gift to us is our creative talents.

Our gift back to Him is using them to benefit the world and serve.

Through my creative journey, I had a bit of trouble seeing myself in the secular art world. Creating meant so much more to me than messing around with art supplies or attempting to make a living selling my images. I wasn’t able to find art and faith fused together in blogland. I guess that’s why I’ve created this blog. It will be a place for me to record what the amazing faith-filled artists of the world are contributing for His glory.

I’m so happy you’re here…please don’t hesitate to email me your faith filled work–It will be my privilege to share it here in this corner of cyberspace.


About larablair

I am a teacher, author, workshop leader, and inspirer to women and girls. My mission is to give young girls (and women who've lost their way) encouragement and the tools to achieve big dreams.
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